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Unique trip to Le Brusc from your holiday rental at Au Chant Des Cigalous

If the beaches are of course unavoidable in Six-Fours, the city also conceals other jewels, a stone's throw from your Au Chant Des Cigalous vacation rental, including a Sensitive Natural Area (ENS), above the village of Brusc . This place is a little corner of secret paradise and unknown to tourists, and in my opinion, an essential walk in the region: The Mont Salva.

A little history : Excavations have brought to light Greek remains (coins, brooches, beads, bronzes, etc.) and have shown economic activity in this area since the 6th century BC. Goods from the Mediterranean basin were received and then redistributed to the counter in Taureis (le Brusc) bound for Massilia (Marseille). By being very attentive, you will be able to spot a few bunkers that cling to the cliffs and overlook the sea since the Second World War.

Location : Nestled between Gaou and Cap Sicié, on the southern side of the coast of Six Fours, Mont Salva is part of the forest massif of Cap Sicié and constitutes one of the last great natural ensembles of the West Var, locally called the Corniche. wonderful. The very diversified vegetation then changes from undergrowth (umbrella pines, Aleppo pines, cork oaks, holm oaks) to a specific unique scrubland heading towards Cap Sicié (arbutus trees, aromatic plants). To access Mont Salva from your Au Chant Des Cigalous rental, you have two options ( in the event of a red day, access may be prohibited ! ) : - The shortest is to recover, on foot or by bike, the avenue of palm trees from the large roundabout (which goes towards the village), in the direction of Six-fours. At the right corner of the avenue, take the first right, Chemin de Mourret. When the path splits, turn right on the slightly steep climb (by bike!) which takes you to the Mont Salva path. You will find there the restaurant "l'auberge du Mont Salva". Turn left and continue in the pine forest. At the corner of this path and that of the Lèque, you have arrived! If you are driving, park a little further in one of the small car parks on Chemin de la Lèque (be careful, not very passable and few places!) At less than 2 km, this trip will not take more than 1/2 hour on foot. - From the village of Brusc, take the Montée du Gros Pin, (in the rue de la poste and the church), then straight on the Chemin de la Gardiole and finally the Chemin du Mont Salva. (It is therefore necessary to count about 1 km more with this route).

What to do there ? It is in this dream setting, lulled by the song of the cicadas, that you can picnic with your family on wooden tables, in the shade of hundred-year-old Aleppo pines, shaped by the mistral or play a petanque. On the edge of the pine forest, steep cliffs drop into the Mediterranean with a unique view of the sea, facing the open sea: To the west, the Pointe du Mourret. To the east, the Trou d’Or beach and Cap Sicié. Incredible creeks with turquoise waters are then revealed under your feet. Very difficult to access or private, Mont Salva beach remains "accessible" for teenagers or adults in great shape!

Indeed, the path is not laid out, but it remains practicable, being careful not to slip on the lower part. Hidden under the rocks, this beach of small pebbles with crystal clear waters in a thousand shades of blue will enchant you and you will feel privileged in this absolutely calm natural setting! Equipped with a mask, you will be able to observe a preserved seabed with wrasse, sars, serrans or other schools of saupes. Beware of sea urchins... As you have understood, this beach has to be earned and you should not underestimate the difficulty of the descent, be in good physical condition and closed walking shoes because the ground is slippery with scree. Remember to bring your sunscreen and a bottle of water which will be greatly appreciated, especially after the ascent! Tip: carefully identify the place where people are getting off before committing yourself and go as far as possible towards the sea to continue your own descent because the path is more practicable there.

Otherwise, choose the panorama seen from above which will give you much more majestic photos! Mont Salva is very popular with hikers for its wonderful landscapes but also serves as a starting point for longer hikes through the pine forest and the scrubland. You can thus access the Fosse beach site (below) by continuing on the Chemin de la Lèque then that of the Cargadoux. Why not the Trou d'Or beach, Cap Sicié, Notre Dame du Mai...

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