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Village of Le Brusc

Le Brusc, north of the municipalities of Sanary and Bandol, is the small authentic fishing village of the municipality of Six-Fours. A world apart with its shops, its entertainment, its inhabitants in love with their place of life and its peaceful atmosphere. The fishermen are still 4 to sell their fish on the port or in the restaurants: What fresh! Pointed at the stern as at the front, these curious boats enliven the port and give it a note  colorful!

When you're at Brusc, you don't need to look elsewhere. The village has its post office (opposite the church), its supermarket, its harbor master's office with its ATM, its doctors, its pharmacy, its many shops and of course its restaurants.

It feels like being in a book by Pagnol, with marvelous landscapes somewhere between southern Brittany and Corsica.

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The village fishing port

Pointus du port du Brusc

Le Brusc is a bit like the song of the sirens:  it attracts us and we don't want to leave!

To visit without moderation...

Eglise du Brusc

Tourism started in Brusc at the end of the First World War. While fishing gradually declines, the Brusc becomes a residential center, seaside tourism and yachting. The sculptor Paul Landowski, in particular, settled there in 1927 and built a workshop where he created a good part of his work. His daughter, Nadine, painted the frescoes of the choir of the church of Brusc. See also: The Heritage House, the Swan House...

Protected natural sites

Ile du Gaou

From Cap Sicié via Mont Salva, and even more so the Ile des Embiez or the Brusc lagoon, Six-Fours has an entire maritime area doubly protected by the Natura 2000 zone and the Conservatoire du Littoral.
The lagoon is notably a nursery for fish and shelters a diversified marine flora including the Posidonia seagrass, synonymous with good water quality.

Brusc Provencal market

Marché du Brusc

Every Thursday morning the weekly market takes place on the Quai Saint Pierre.  

Tuesday and Saturday in downtown Six-Fours

Wednesday in Sanary (Nocturnes throughout the summer)

Nautical Station 4 stars

Base nautique du Brusc

All marine activities are present such as Stand Up Paddle, Water Skiing, Windsurfing, Kayaking..., the town being a 4-star Nautical Station.

Bike rides

Balade à vélo autour du Mont Salva

2 possibilities for cycling on the coastal path:

- The first circuit is the "coastal circuit". It is 12 km long, on cycle paths, with a level of difficulty estimated at low.

- The second circuit is the "Mount Salva circuit". It is 13 km long, on roads, with a level of difficulty estimated at medium.

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