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chateau d'if


Stroll on the ridge road:  from Cassis to La Ciotat

route des cretes

The ridge road is spectacular. On leaving Cassis, take the RD141 to the right. The highest maritime cliffs in Europe offer incredible views of the Mediterranean, Cassis and its creeks to the West; on La Ciotat and its Bec de l'Aigle to the east. Along the Route des Crêtes, car parks make it easy to park and walk above the cliffs overlooking the sea. Magnificent views and a total change of scenery guaranteed!

Please note: The Route des Crêtes is closed as soon as there is a strong wind...

Estagnol Beach

plage privée de l'estagnol à 50 km

Take advantage of a day of great mistral to have an unforgettable picnic on one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Mediterranean, 1 hour away: 475 m long, fine sand. It is also sought after for its shaded pine forest. Its lagoon, appreciated for its wild aspect, allows you to walk for a very long time and makes it easy for toddlers to swim. (car parking costs €11). View of the presidential fort of Brégançon!

MUCEM and cosquer cave


The MUCEM, Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, is very interesting to visit and also offers various exhibitions, going as far as Fort Saint Jean, connected by a footbridge. Magnificent views of the old port guaranteed and then direct access to the Panier district, our Marseille Montmartre! Highly recommended, finish with a visit to the replica of the Cosquer cave, inaugurated in June 2022, 100 m from the Mucem (by booking your tickets online beforehand). The cave was discovered under 37 m deep in the creeks and we let ourselves be guided during 35 minutes of immersive prehistoric exploration!


port de marseille

If you stop in Marseille, 1 hour away, you will necessarily have to discover the essentials of the Phocaean city. What would Marseille be without the Old  Harbor ? Since antiquity it has been one of the symbols of the city. Renovated in 2013, it is the obligatory place for everyone to stroll, to stroll, eat, stop at a bistro or choose your Marseille soap in the souvenir shops...
Continue your walk by Notre Dame de la Garde or the "Good Mother". This basilica built on the hill of La Garde is worth a visit and will offer you an exceptional panoramic view of the open sea and the islands. An emblematic figure of Marseille, Notre Dame de La Garde watches over sailors, fishermen and the people of Marseille.

The MUCEM, Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, is also very interesting to visit.

Archipelago of Frioul

îles de frioul

For a visit to Marseille that doesn't just stop at the Vieux Port or the MUCEM, set sail for a real moment of escape. In the heart of the harbor of Marseille, facing the city, the islands of Pomègues, Ratonneau, If and Tiboulen form the Frioul archipelago with an area of 200 hectares.

The maritime shuttles provide a connection 7 days a week to the Frioul archipelago.

Departures are from the Old Port. It is possible to visit Frioul and If in 1 day. Departures to the Château d'If are regular (not on Mondays) but also depend on the weather (wind strength).

The Château d'If, a fortress and prison built under the order of François I, is the place where the Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned in the novel by Alexandre Dumas. Take a guided tour to learn more about the fascinating history of this perfectly preserved fortress. 

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