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Gaou Peninsula

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This little paradise is very popular with locals. They like to have a picnic or a game of petanque there, under the famous pines sculpted by the wind, which are called anemomorphosed pines.
Coves, large spaces for playing, the peninsula is so varied that everyone finds pleasure there. In bad weather the Gaou even has a resemblance to Brittany!
The coast facing the open sea has small jagged cliffs and turquoise water. It is also possible to swim on the part of the island facing Les Embiez. Protected from the wind, the water is shallow and therefore ideal for families.

Don't miss: Robert Forrer's "Venus emerging from the waves" (1961)!

Brusc Lagoon

lagune drapeau.jpg

This maritime surface is located in the extension of the port of Brusc to the island of Gaou. The water is calm like a lake and shallow. This natural environment is doubly protected by the Natura 2000 zone and the Conservatoire du Littoral.
The lagoon is a breeding ground for species and is home to a diverse marine flora including the fragile Posidonia seagrass.
In order to preserve this area so rich in fauna and flora, it is forbidden to motor navigation, anchoring, trampling and the practice of windsurfing.

Our Lady of May

notre dame du mai.jpg

This chapel, object of pilgrimages, was built in 1625. The many paintings and ex-votos testify to the strong Christian influence of the region. Nestled 350 meters high at the top of Cap Sicié, it enjoys an exceptional location: an impressive view of the open sea and the coast. Free access by car or coach to the car park, then steep footpath of about 1 km. 
Warning :  site inaccessible by car from June 15 to September 15 (possible extension until September 30), the road being closed in order to prevent forest fires.

Calanques of Mont Salva


At Mont Salva you can enjoy a magnificent hike. From La Lèque to Six Fours to the Notre Dame du Mai chapel (+/- 6km one way), you will stroll through the massif whose summit culminates at 360 m, which reveals a unique panorama of the sea, facing the big wide. Incredible creeks are then revealed under your feet at the level of Mont Salva.

The very diverse vegetation ranges from undergrowth (umbrella pines, Aleppo pines, cork oaks, holm oaks) to a unique scrubland specific to Cap Sicié (strawberry bushes, aromatic plants).

Mediterranean Park

Parc Méditerranée à 4 km

The Mediterranean Park extends over approximately 10 hectares. Its position at the tip of Cap Nègre offers magnificent panoramic views: the Brusc lagoon, the Embiez archipelago, the bay of Sanary-sur-Mer and in the distance the Bec de l'Aigle towards La Ciotat and the Creeks.
Favorable for daydreaming and walks, families flock there to enjoy the refreshment bar, rides and playgrounds. The Cap Nègre battery and its museum are nearby.

Island of Embiez 

L'île des Embiez

With 90% of the natural species of the Mediterranean present there, the island of Embiez by Paul Ricard is rich in abundant fauna and flora. Its wild side is both the most surprising and the most appreciated: creeks, reefs, pine forest and scrubland, flowers and vines. On foot, by bike or aboard the little train, the spectacular views of the island and its natural diversity are a unique experience...
The island is also known for its Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute which houses an aquarium. The best diving spots in the whole region are behind Les Embiez, between the island of Grand Rouveau and the rocks of Magnons. ( Adult return price, from Brusc to the island of Embiez: 19.50€ )

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